MSP120, 122, and 125- MOUDI-II & NanoMOUDI-II

MOUDI-II™and NanoMOUDI-II ™ 10- and 13-stage Micro-Orifice Uniform-Deposit Impactors with internal stepper-motor stage rotation to provide uniform particle deposits and high accuracy aerosol sampling from 10 nm to 10,000 nm for collecting sizefractionated particle samples for gravimetric and/or chemical analyses

MSP100-110-115-116-d-MOUDI and NanoMoudi

8階微孔均勻沉降衝擊器moudi 100-NR
High accuracy cascade impactors for collecting size-fractionated aerosol particle samples for gravimetric and/or chemical analysis:
  • 30-L/min sampling flow rate
  • Sharp cut-size characteristics
  • Up to 2000 micro-orifice nozzles to reduce jet velocity & pressure drop
  • Rotating stage to obtain uniform particle deposit and reduce particle bounce and reentrainment

Model 200-Personal Environmental Monitor™ (PEM™)

The Model 200 Personal Environmental Monitor is a lightweight personal sampler for collecting airborne particles in the PM2.5 and PM10 size ranges. PM2.5 and PM10 particles are airborne particles less than 2.5um and 10um, respectively. They are frequently used to provide a measure of airborne particle concentration for studying potential health effects of airborne particles in the indoor or outdoor environment.

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