Personal Cascade Impactor

Our Personal Cascade Impactor is a precision cascade impactor worn by personnel to provide complete and accurate aerodynamic particle size distributions of the particulate in their environment. A personal mounting bracket is provided to attach to the subject’s lapel or pocket. It is compact, light-weight (7 oz. Max.) and are available with 8, 6, or 4 impactor stages all followed by a built-in filter holder. This product utilizes the radial slot design that is acclaimed for its accuracy and minimal internal losses and absence of particle bounce. Particle cut-points for this series of impactors range from 21 to 0.5 microns. Series 290 Marple Style Personal Cascade Impactors are operated at a flow rate of 2 LPM. Constant Flow Personal Sampling Pumps are attached to the belt and interconnected via tubing to the cascade impactor. 
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