Portable air sampler for Agar plates

A very portable, volumetric air quality monitor, much used in culture rooms, laminar flow cabinets and domestic environments for collecting bacterial and other particles direct onto culture medium in a 90 mm petri dish through a sieve plate with 100 holes (1 mm dia.). Almost silent air throughput of 10 or 20 l/min can be provided by a standard Burkard turbine powered by rechargeable 6 v batteries to provide 3-4 hours continuous running (mains models available for 110 or 240 v). A sliding air control is fitted under the sampling chamber to allow rapid closure during sampling. The base of the device bears an 'on-off' switch and interval timer enabling operation time to be selected for 1-9 minutes. When the selector is set to '0' the turbine runs continuously.

Personal volumetric air sampler

A Volumetric portable Air Sampler weighing only 590 g for collecting airborne particle matter directly on to glass slides. Designed for short-term sampling in domestic or industrial environments particularly where no power supplies are available. The impaction orifice is mounted in the vertical plane and the instrument operates at a nominal air throughput of 10 litres per minute. Powered by a high precision DC motor the sampler is available for mains or battery operation and completely safe in domestic or hazardous areas.

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