MSP120, 122, and 125- MOUDI-II & NanoMOUDI-II

MOUDI-II™and NanoMOUDI-II ™ 10- and 13-stage Micro-Orifice Uniform-Deposit Impactors with internal stepper-motor stage rotation to provide uniform particle deposits and high accuracy aerosol sampling from 10 nm to 10,000 nm for collecting sizefractionated particle samples for gravimetric and/or chemical analyses

MSP100-110-115-116-d-MOUDI and NanoMoudi

8階微孔均勻沉降衝擊器moudi 100-NR
High accuracy cascade impactors for collecting size-fractionated aerosol particle samples for gravimetric and/or chemical analysis:
  • 30-L/min sampling flow rate
  • Sharp cut-size characteristics
  • Up to 2000 micro-orifice nozzles to reduce jet velocity & pressure drop
  • Rotating stage to obtain uniform particle deposit and reduce particle bounce and reentrainment
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